• Grade 5 Maldon Camp

    We all arrived in sunny conditions…

    Below are some photos….



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  • ISSE – Mexico Visitors

    On Wednesday 17th we had a welcome assembly for our visitors from Colegio Pronston in Mexico.  Keep posted for all their adventures they have with us at Birmingham Primary School.

    Here are the visitors with their host students.

    The whole school had a special assembly. There were aerobic performances and the choir sang.

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  • Birmingham Open Day

    On the 17th of May Birmingham Primary School had Open Day with a theme – Maths Around The World. We had lots of people from our community come and visit our school.  Classrooms were open, there were buskers playing guitar, keyboard, violin and also singing. Student Leaders took parents around for tours. There were Maths Activities in the Library and the day finished with great performances from our students in the hall.  Below are lots...

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  • BPS Reading Challenge


    It is wonderful to see a lot of students taking part in the competition. As we have just started, it is still not too late for the others to join in. The challenge runs until the 8th of September, which gives everyone plenty of time to complete it. Students can read any books from the Victorian Premier Reading Challenge booklists appropriate for their year level. Copies of the lists are available in the...

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  • Chess Term 2

    This term 16 children have been learning and playing chess every Thursday after school.

    It is  great seeing children compete with each other each week.

    Below are some action shots:




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  • The Power Of One

    On Wednesday two actors define bullying as any situation where, because of a power imbalance, systematic behavior occurs that is HURTFUL, PURPOSEFUL, and REPEATED where one person picks on another with the intent to cause harm and isolation. The actors explain that they will be acting out skits to show children the negative effects of specific types of bullying, the roles that people play that make bullying possible, and what each child can do to...

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  • Grade Six Electric Car Grand Prix..

    On Tuesday the 28th of March the Grade Six children raced their Electric cars. There were lots of races. It was a great day.

    There were lots of teams…

    We loved racing the cars against each other…

    It was a great day…

    Here is a video of one of the many races…

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  • Prep Picnic

    On Tuesday 28th February the Preps had a picnic after school. Everyone had a wonderful evening having their picnic on the oval, patting all the baby piglets, chicks, calf and lots more babies. It was a great night. Thanks to the Prep teachers for organising the night. One of many great community events that will be held throughout the year at Birmingham Primary School.

    Here are some snaps…







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  • 2017 Captains

    We had a special assembly where all the Student Captains were given their badges.

    The principal of Yarra Hills presented all the badges. Below are the captains:





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  • Travelling Boat Project


    On Monday 12th December 2016 Birmingham Primary School (BPS) launched a very exciting project.

    About 3 years ago BPS joined local schools in the area (such as St Mary’s, Mt Evelyn Primary and Yarra Hills Secondary) in the Bully Stoppers Project.

    This allowed Grade 6 student leaders to come together each year at a student led anti-bullying forum to explore ideas of how to become BULLY FREE both in our community and in...

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