BPS Reading Challenge

Date: May 15, 2017 Author: Fred Vanderwerf Categories: Library, What's Happening 0


It is wonderful to see a lot of students taking part in the competition. As we have just started, it is still not too late for the others to join in. The challenge runs until the 8th of September, which gives everyone plenty of time to complete it. Students can read any books from the Victorian Premier Reading Challenge booklists appropriate for their year level. Copies of the lists are available in the library and can also be accessed from the VPRC website. We have a separate section for the Reading Challenge Books. In addition to this, students can read their own books (should be in the list) or any borrowed from their local public library. The main aim of the challenge is to encourage students to read more and to expose them to different genres and authors. Good luck to everyone on this wonderful journey.

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