Tuesday afternoon 3.00pm – 3.30pm 

Wednesday morning 8.45am – 9.15am

 The Birmingham Primary School Uniform Shop is operated by parent volunteers and is co-ordinated by Linda in the school office. If you are able to assist in the shop at any time please pass on your details to our friendly office staff.

We have a large range of items including wind cheaters,  bomber jackets, polo shirts, sport tops, dresses, hats, school bags, library bags and art smocks. There is also a range of second hand items. Payments can be made by cash, cheque, eftpos and credit card. If you would like to bring an order form to the uniform shop during opening hours our volunteer parents will be happy to assist you.

Order Form – Please Complete And Take To The Uniform Shop

Examples of our uniform as modelled by our wonderful preps, Libby and Josh.


School Uniform 2016

All students should wear school uniform which is available from our Uniform Shop,

new and second-hand garments are available.

The items listed below are not available from the uniform shop.

Some guidelines are listed below:

Shoes: Black School Shoes or Black Sneakers,

Sport Shoes on specified sports/PE days,

(PLease avoid highly colored (fluorescent) sports shoes.)

No open toed shoes or thongs to be worn at any time.

Bike Pants: Not to be worn except under dresses or skirts.

Leggings: Not to be worn except under dresses or skirts.

Pants: Black School pants or Tracksuit Pants are acceptable,

preferably plain black with no logos.

Skirts/Skorts: Black skirts or Skorts are acceptable preferably not netball skirts.

Sports Tops: Available from grade 3 – 6 to worn on sports days.

Trish Enzinger